iDo: Wedding Gifting Gets Personal

Weddings worldwide are being rescheduled or postponed as couples and families grapple with how their special day will look during a pandemic. An increase in virtual weddings has changed the way people gift, with guests shipping wedding gifts directly to the couples or simply sending cash gifts. Loved ones are looking for ways to practically celebrate couples while maintaining sentimentality, a struggle all too common in the gifting space.

At GiftCast, we believe in sending personal and sentimental digital gifts and showing recipients our appreciation while allowing for flexibility in how they spend it. With our recently introduced Amazon eGift Card option, GiftCast users can now send the happy couple a digital gift card to one of the largest online retailers, giving them the flexibility to purchase necessary household items as they start their new lives together. Cash gifts are also perfect for newlyweds’ honeymoon funds or savings for a new house. Both the Amazon gift card and cash gift options allow users to choose the amount sent alongside a recorded video message, adding that personal touch. The recipient can download and save the video message forever, creating a digital scrapbook as the couple reflects on their wedding in the future.

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