Back to School: How to Celebrate the Season

Amid socially distant, masked classroom setups, new class sizes and virtual learning options, back to school season certainly looks different this year for students of all ages. While fall’s return to learning may be unfamiliar for both parents and students alike, the excitement and magic around the new season can remain the same.

Whether your student is at a classroom desk or at the kitchen table, online shopping for new back to school supplies, like fresh shoes and backpacks or a new tablet and tech accessories, can help celebrate the season. Establishing special traditions, like a crafted countdown chain, first day pancakes, a show-and-tell session or a school year bucket list, can help instill some normalcy (and lifelong memories!) heading into the new year too.

For parents, relatives and family friends who want to participate in the excitement of the season from afar amidst social distancing guidelines, technology can be utilized as a resource. This year, opt for a personalized GiftCast video and money gift or Amazon eGift Card in lieu of a shopping spree at the mall. Parents can use the money or gift card towards new school supplies or traditions and share the videos with their children (even saving them to play years down the line for a sentimental moment). For older children heading off to college, a GiftCast gift can help them settle into their new space. A cherished family video can help ease the new transition, while the cash gift can be used towards textbook or college gear.

While the school year may look different for students of all ages, old and new traditions and technology can still help us celebrate the new season.

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