The Last-Minute Gift That Feels Anything but Rushed

With December upon us, holiday season has officially kicked into full gear. No matter how you are celebrating or what seasonal traditions you might participate in, it remains a widely accepted truth that this is the season of shopping and gifting. Studies show that November and December mark the largest economic stimulus for many nations across the world, with last year’s statistics revealing that total holiday retail sales reached nearly $750 billion. This year, Adobe’s annual shopping forecast estimated more than $4 trillion will be spent online globally between November and December.

As we look to fulfill growing shopping lists, many of us spend hours scrolling through virtual shopping malls like Amazon from the comfort of our homes versus fighting packed crowds, long lines and tug-o-war over the last toy. Yet this year, there is no guarantee that online shopping will afford us the same ease that it has in the past with supply chain delays throwing a wrench in the regularly scheduled holiday programming. For months, retailers across the world have warned shoppers of these disruptions in the supply chain, even noting that they could last well into next year. These delays could leave even Black Friday and Cyber-Monday shoppers scrambling at the last minute to find a gift in time for their holiday celebrations.

Rushing to find a last-minute gift can leave shoppers with slim pickings and generic options. This year, GiftCast removes the stress from shipment delays, out-of-stock lists, crowded malls and the fear of disappointing recipients with a bland item that will ultimately be returned or regifted at next year’s annual White Elephant exchange. GiftCast offers both convenience and personalization for last-minute shoppers by creating an option to send a sentimental gift with just a click of the button. With a personalized video that can be sent on the actual holiday, GiftCast gifts create memories that last beyond the season. And, the money or Amazon eGift Card allows the recipient to treat themselves to a gift of their choice – when and where they want it.

With GiftCast, your message won’t ever get lost in shipping delays or piles of wrapping paper! This year, spend less time checking off shopping lists and more time enjoying the holidays with those that you love.