Laundry Money with a Twist

Whether you are dropping a freshman off at their dorm for the first time or returning an upperclassman to their off-campus apartment, sending your child away to college never seems to get easier. As a parent, you think about all the “what if’s,” so you create lists, set up allowances and map out transportation, all to make sure that your child is set up for success upon leaving the nest. And, this loving worry doesn’t stop at the dorm. Instead, you may have bouts of missing your student during family dinner or moments of concern hoping they’re actually studying and doing their laundry.

Luckily, today’s technology and apps like GiftCast guarantee that there is no such thing as “too late” or “too far,” giving parents the peace of mind that their student is taken care of near or far. With the click of a button, GiftCast allows parents to take care of any expenses – expected and unexpected – or simply let their student know they are thinking of them with some extra spending money (or realistically, laundry money) and a sentimental message to look back at when they are missing home. And, if you’re hoping your college student will use the money for essential school supplies, cleaning supplies and dorm snacks, opt to send an Amazon eGift Card on the app and direct them to peruse Amazon’s list of College Dorm Essentials, where they can find everything that they will need in one convenient location. Gifts of necessity will always be well received – just ask any college student on a ramen noodle diet and penny pincher budget.

The convenience that beats out an old fashioned envelope with a twenty dollar bill delivered via snail mail is complemented by a sentimental touch that no wad of cash can compete with. As home sickness looms after the first few weeks and as midterms and finals approach, there’s no better way to brighten your student’s day than with some words of encouragement or heartfelt sentiments paired with GiftCast cash for a pick-me-up treat, just because. And, your student can save the video to a digital scrapbook, to reminisce on some meaningful moments during their four years.

The worry and to-do lists associated with sending your child off to college likely won’t go away. But, we’re excited for new options today that keep you in contact with your students and help you treat them special surprises – or simply another necessary wash and dry cycle.

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