Future Parents: Meet the Future of Gifting

Work, school, happy hours and family reunions aren’t the only things that went virtual last year – baby showers joined the digital mix too. Whether guests hopped on Zoom for homemade games or signed on to a site like WebBabyShower, virtual baby showers allowed expecting parents to celebrate with their closest loved ones, regardless of both social distancing restrictions and physical distance.

As we continue into the summer and beyond, virtual baby showers still remain an overwhelmingly popular and accessible option. And, while not all couples may opt for a digital celebration, most are continuing to integrate a digital component or two to complement the physical event, particularly to welcome in family and friends that may not otherwise be able to attend due to scheduling or travel.

And, the celebration isn’t the only digital option – gifting is too now with GiftCast. While it may be traditional to shower the expectant parents with kitschy onesie or rattles at a party, we are ready to create new traditions and new memories. At GiftCast, we are swapping the binkies and booties that may clutter a half-finished nursey (or be immediately returned!) for personalized videos and cash gifts or Amazon eGift Cards that offer new parents the flexibility to purchase the items they want and need for this next chapter in their lives on their own timeline – all with a thoughtful touch. So, whether it’s for the perfect crib before the baby arrives or for a desperate diaper run months later, GiftCast gifts help parents prepare for life’s exciting moments – both large and small.

A cash gift or Amazon eGift Card from GiftCast isn’t just practical though. It’s sentimental and sweet – beyond just its unveiling at a baby shower. New parents can download the app’s personalized videos that accompany cash gifts. These videos can be shared on social media or saved forever, creating a digital scrapbook for parents to look back on and cherish years later – and perhaps show the not-so-newborn child later in life for a fun peek back in time.

Technology is keeping us connected through life’s new chapters – and we’re here to celebrate those in new ways.

Have you sent any virtual baby shower gifts with GiftCast? Let us know at @giftcast on social media!   

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