The Importance of Human Connection in a Digital World

We live in an increasingly tech-forward environment as we continue to integrate digital and virtual platforms in nearly all realms. The last year alone accelerated digitization exponentially, with social distancing forcing people away from each other and instead to their devices. Studies show the use of Zoom and other video conferencing services spiked by 10x compared to the year prior. From this angle, our world appears more connected than ever before. However, inundated with digital devices on all fronts, many people are settling into digital fatigue, looking to restore real connections to people, not Wi-Fi.

Humans are inherently relational creatures – whether it be a passing smile, an adoring touch or shared conversation. And, studies show social connection has proven effects on our overall health. Research demonstrates a connection between isolation and negative long term effects on a person’s lifespan. On the flipside, adults who have maintained long term social relationships tend to live healthier and longer lives. With that being said, the quality of those connections also plays a large role in the fruitfulness of the relationship and the positive or negative effects on one’s health. In the article, “The Importance of Human Interaction,” Pepperdine University’s Relationship IQ Director Kelly Haer says, “Technology can be the junk food of communication where we’re just exchanging tiny bits of information over text and we’re really missing out on accessing our full relationship capacity.” Haer suggested the use of social media as a springboard to foster deeper connections with others to reap the positive health benefits.

GiftCast aims to be that very springboard, merging technology and human connection in the form of an unparalleled virtual gift-giving platform. Where the authenticity of human connection seems to have been lost in the reels of technology, GiftCast fills the gap with a virtual gifting experience wrapped in personalized sentiments that can be cherished forever. The intimacy of some special moments can be diluted by the over-generalization and publicity of the Internet. With GiftCast, video messages are  customized by the sender and offer truly one-of-a-kind experience, enriching those meaningful connections and creating lasting memories with those you love.

Technology like GiftCast means connecting has never been easier. A hug or a face-to-face conversation can never be replaced, but sending a GiftCast is the perfect way to connect with a loved one or share a virtual hug from any place at any time – fostering that human connection we crave and utilizing technology to build upon and maintain those connections and cherished relationships.  

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