Three Ways to Celebrate Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

After a year of creative solutions to virtually engage students and extra hours spent adjusting plans to ensure students can continue learning both in the classroom and online, give the teachers in your life the appreciation they deserve during Teacher Appreciation Week – May 4 – 8. In honor of the educators in our lives, we’re sharing a handful of ideas to thank teachers for their tireless efforts over the years.

Did you know on average, a teacher’s workday is over 10 hours – with it increasing if the teacher assists with extra-curricular activities? From gift baskets to handwritten letters, there are plenty of ways to show teachers, both past and present, you are thinking about them and cherish all that they do.

Share your favorite baked goods.

Whether your children are currently in school or you have several friends that are teachers, recognize your favorite teacher’s hard work and dedication to education with their favorite baked treat.

Reconnect with a past teacher.

Do you have a teacher that positively impacted your life? Take time to reconnect with them this year, whether it be through a handwritten letter, social media or a phone call! Reconnecting with your teachers is a great way to show your appreciation for all they did for you.

Send a personalized message and gift with GiftCast.

Leave a lasting impression by sending a personalized video message alongside a cash gift with GiftCast. Featuring a customized video message and some extra spending money, the teachers in your life can not only treat themselves to a relaxing day at the spa or a month of coffee but can also watch the kind message you recorded for months to come!

With a simple and accessible interface, GiftCast is a great way to show all of the educators in your life you appreciate them. Record your video anywhere and at any time. Once the gift is sent, recipients will receive a text message to download the app and watch the personalized video, which they can save and view for years to come. In addition, they can also withdraw the cash gift directly into their bank account, so they can put your generosity to use when it best suits them.

The educators in your life have been spending countless hours grading papers, organizing activities and finding ways to encourage students to become lifelong learners. There is no better week to celebrate the ones who have been there to support you from the beginning!

How are you going to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week this year? Share your ideas with us on Instagram @GiftCast.

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