I didn’t want to give another gift card

By: Tim Campbell

I don’t know about you, but my fall back gift to almost everyone used to be a gift card. It’s fast and easy. It doesn’t require too much thought either. If a birthday was coming up, then I would head to Target or Walgreens and stand in front of the kiosk that has a bunch of different gift cards. There are tons of different stores and restaurants to choose from. In fact, sometimes I feel like it takes forever to choose which one to get. If I can’t choose, then I’ll just get the Visa card and pay the ridiculous $5.99 fee for no reason.

The problem is I never feel satisfied with a gift card as a gift. It doesn’t show that I care enough about my friend or family member. And I bet they know it when they get it. I also wonder if they even use it. My junk drawer is full of gift cards that I have never used. Either because I don’t like the store or restaurant, or I just forget to take it with me. I feel like this must be the same thing other people go through. Right? Why do we do that?

That’s why we created GiftCast. It’s like a gift card, but different. You record or upload a video and send money with it. The first GiftCast I sent was to my friend who was turning 40, but I couldn’t make it to her birthday party because she lives on the other side of the country. I was able to tell her in my own words (not some fluff in a greeting card) that I truly care for her and how sad I was to not be there to celebrate with her. My kids were also in the video and they sang happy birthday to her. Sometimes a greeting card just doesn’t say exactly what you want to say, and this special occasion deserved more from me. I felt really good about it. Plus, I gave her money that she can spend on anything she wants. Not some restaurant or store that she may never go to. The money goes directly into her bank account.

My friend loved the video and now, she can watch it over and over, and keep it forever. It felt so great to give a gift that my friend loved…and I loved giving it.

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