Gifting to Feel Good

The act of gifting is typically associated with a celebratory event, like a holiday, birthday, graduation or anniversary and so on. Gifting for these celebrations is meant to feel good, yet recent studies show that these exciting moments can often present an recurring struggle tied to financial reciprocity, heavy advertising that instigates decision fatigue, missed deals and sales and time spent searching for the prefect gift. Often, these challenges can take away the joy and satisfaction of gifting and the event itself.

Think of the best gift that you either gifted or received. Was it a holiday gift or a surprise gift out of the blue tied to a hobby you love or area you’re interested in? Was it a ritzy red and green wrapped package or a heartfelt card and token of appreciation? Most of us may fall into the latter categories, selecting gifts that we gave or received “just because.”

The concept of “just because” gifting has evolved into a category of its own, and it presents an ideal scenario for a gift giver. It eliminates those common stressors related to holiday gifting like looming expectations, time obligations and competition because these gifts can be for whomever, sent whenever and will likely be received with gratitude no matter what.

Gifts have a symbolic nature regardless of whether they are small or large, expensive or inexpensive or funny or sentimental. A receiver typically associates the emotional response they have to a gift as a direct correlation to their relationship with the gifter. In The Social Psychology of Gifts, Barry Schwartz writes, “Gifts are one of the ways in which the pictures others have of us are transmitted.” So, when it comes to “just because” gifting, psychology says that the elements of thoughtfulness and surprise create a picture-perfect scenario for a well-received gift, a positive image of the gifter, an exciting experience for the one gifting and overall, ultimate satisfaction for all parties involved.

To keep up with this growing market of “just because” gifting, GiftCast has streamlined this gifting process. So, when you find yourself thinking of a special person in your life, you can head to GiftCast’s app and send over your personalized video and surprise monetary gift or Amazon eGift Card, making it easier than ever to send a sentimental and practical gift to that special someone whenever they are on your mind.

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