The Top Three Trends for Mobile Gifting in 2021

As digital technology continues moving forward, our team anticipates new advancements in mobile applications and digital gifting that will make it even easier for you to send a gift to loved ones.

Heading into the New Year, we’ve identified the top three trends that will make an impact on virtual gifting in 2021.

Augmented Reality Will Shape Our World.

Previously limited to video games, augmented reality, or AR’s, adoption throughout industries reflects its versatility. From furniture shopping to medical diagnoses, AR offers endless ways to bring previously in-person experiences into people’s homes. We anticipate expanding GiftCast’s features to include AR capabilities, increasing the ways users can express their creativity and enhance their message.

Closing the Gap on Long-Distance Connections.

Even the simplest message can be conveyed with a gift and as lockdowns vary across the nation, many will continue looking for special ways to check in with loved ones. This year’s focus on heartfelt, meaningful gifts is likely to continue into the next, as consumers look online for presents to send that feel as though they’ve wrapped them themselves. Connections drive our company, and we look forward to supporting our users as they send a gift that’s personal and meaningful.

Video Rises to Platform Prominence.

While a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can convey 150 words per minute, so it’s no wonder that video platforms are driving digital trends in 2021. Research estimates that consumers will install up to 85 percent more video streaming apps next year, in comparison to 2020 numbers. Since video is a sentimental and shareable way to connect with loved ones, we anticipate that new developments in how we communicate are on the horizon.

As a consumer technology brand, we must understand the landscape and continue seeking new ways to provide the best mobile experience possible. By utilizing AR to add creative capabilities, continuing to connect loved ones with meaningful gifts and utilizing video to do so, GiftCast is ready to keep innovating in 2021.

What trends are you expecting to see in 2021? Let us know on Instagram @GiftCast!

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