Mother’s Day & Father’s Day: 2020 Gift Giving Trends

With both Mother’s and Father’s Day around the corner, gift giving is on our minds – and so are the recent trends in the space.

In recent years, gift giving has been trending towards digital. Recent surveys show that 46% of consumers return one to three gifts over the holidays. By anecdotal accounts, many of these gifts are returned or exchanged to buy something more practical or something the recipient finds of value to them. Digital cash-based gifts, however, cut back on this waste and save time on trips to and from the store, allowing for more time to enjoy the gift of their choice.

Research has also shown upward trends in recipients valuing experiences over physical gifts. Gifted experiences foster a deeper connection between the gift giver and the recipient – especially in this current moment as we all increasingly grow to value the smaller things.

Beyond broader gifting trends, the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the ways holidays look this year, especially in terms of heading to the store or even online retailers to purchase a physical gift. Online retailers like Amazon have recently re-allowed nonessential item shipments, but note that shipping times may be delayed, with gifts arriving beyond their intended holiday delivery dates.

As trends move towards digital and experience-driven gifts, particularly in this current climate, GiftCast offers a quick solution accessible on any mobile device. Users choose a cash amount for the recipient to spend on a gift of their choice, accompanied by a personalized, experiential video message that the recipient can download, share and keep forever. Instead of sending flowers to mom or a cheesy mug to dad, GiftCast offers the unique option to cover dinner, the hobby they are picking up during social distancing or a round of golf when the courses re-open. Regardless of what mom or dad opts to spend their gift on, they’ll appreciate a cherished, sentimental video from their child – that they can watch on repeat until you can log face time again.

How are you making Mother’s Day and Father’s Day special this year? Let us know!

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