Can I watch my birthday videos again Daddy?

By: George Mack

I don’t know about you but my daughter loves to watch videos. She could watch Moana or Sing on repeat for days, she gets excited for Facetime with grandma and her cousins and loves watch videos of herself and her friends on the phone even more.

We go to birthday parties for her friends all the time and buying random gifts for every party is tough. Meanwhile I know how many duplicate gifts get brought to every party. Parents have to do gift returns, and on the downside everybody winds up with too much too much clutter that never gets played with in our homes. How much stuff do kids need?

Enter, GiftCast! Children can be so creative and getting them excited to go to a birthday party can be as much fun as the birthday party itself. Making a GiftCast with my daughter singing happy birthday or doing a dance to her favorite song is so fun and makes the birthday girl or boy feel really special. With the cash functionality of GiftCast the money can be used however parents see fit, they can buy the thing the child forgot to ask for or to go on an adventure. Giving a thoughtful money gift allows parents some control over presents.

For our upcoming 4th birthday party I’m going to let guests know that a GiftCast is a great way to go. 

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