Grandparent's Day Gifts

Give Grandparents a Smile

September 3, 2020
On September 13, we’re celebrating National Grandparents Day, the perfect time to appreciate our loved ones and thank them for all they do. It’s an especially important holiday to celebrate this year, as older people are greatly impacted by the loneliness that accompanies social distancing and more at risk to contract COVID-19. Like all celebrations right now, safety is key, and GiftCast offers the perfect way to send a personalized gift while physically distancing.

With GiftCast, users can send their loved ones a cash gift for a meal on them along with warm wishes from the grandkids. The ability to send the gift with a personalized video message provides endless opportunities for creative videos to accompany the gift. Younger grandchildren could sing a song, recite a poem or perform a skit – the ideas are limitless! For a holiday normally spent with others, sending a personal gift with GiftCast fosters connections and creates more sentimentality than a card or text message could, which is critical during a time when many feel isolated.

GiftCast’s user interface is simple and easy to use, making it a great gifting option for technologically savvy grandparents. Once the gift is sent, recipients receive a text message to download the app and watch the video, which they can save and view forever. They can also withdraw the gift directly to their bank account to use whenever and wherever they want. Users can also choose to send an Amazon EGift Card that recipients can instantly apply to their Amazon account, giving grandparents the option to shop at one of the largest online retailers worldwide.

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