So many occasions for gift giving

By: Haley Jordan

I definitely don’t like giving gifts as much as I like receiving them.  Gifts sometimes feel like an obligation because of a special event, creating good will, or just saying thank you to co-workers or teachers of my children. I want to give a gift as a way to show gratitude or to celebrate a milestone or birthday.

Sometimes certain occasions require more thought on the gift I give and require a lot of time. A gift says always has to say something about the person giving and getting the gift. How much time and care I put into what I get means something or it says how much it will be remembered. You have to think about what you buy to make sure it is appreciated and remembered. Giving that perfect gift always make me feel better about giving it.

It seems there are so many occasions for gifts, whether it’s birthdays, graduations, weddings, babies or teacher appreciation, there are so many special events to celebrate. Every invite means you are obligated to buy a gift for the birthday person, bride, parent-to-be, teacher, graduate, etc.

A gift has become a token of gratitude and show that you really went out of your way.  Sometimes sending flowers can be appropriate or finding the right gift card to a favorite restaurant or store.

There are also holidays that require gifts like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and even Christmas. These gifts need to have meaning. You need to make sure you know that person very well to get a gift they will cherish and celebrate on their special day. Otherwise it has no meaning to them.

I didn’t even get into business gifts for clients on holidays or to celebrate a deal you made. Gift baskets, champagne, cheese, or cookies always work well for that.

All these events are a nice tradition to give a gift. But I believe simple is the best. No need to go crazy. Otherwise you can spend a lot of money and time. At the end of the day they are a token of thanks for being invited to a party or event.

Good luck and remember it’s the thought that counts and as long as you give a gift, then you are doing everything you can.

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