Instead of getting a Starbucks gift card, my kids sent a teacher appreciation video!

By: Janice Ivy

Every school year it’s the same thing. The class mom sends out a list of the teacher’s likes for gift ideas so we can show them how much we appreciate them. It’s usually a bunch of stores that we can choose a gift card from. We go to Target to pick out a greeting card, a Starbucks gift card, and maybe add a candle or chocolates. Then throw it in a gift bag for the kids to take to school. I don’t think it stands out or makes a lasting impression for the teacher, or even touches upon how much we (and our kids) appreciate all the hard work and dedication they have to shaping young minds. These are the people we rely on every day to prepare our children for college and their future lives. It was important for us to show that appreciation in a different way. A way that they would remember forever.

That’s why this year we had our kids send their teachers a GiftCast. It was amazing. Our kids created their own personal video telling their teacher how thankful they were for them and what they liked best about their class. My daughter used her video to explain how great it was that her teacher took extra time to help her with her reading comprehension and that she is the reason she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. My son let his teacher know how much he liked math and technology, but asked for less homework.  It was very sweet and funny at the same time. I’m sure their teachers will cherish it forever.

With the GiftCast app, we were able to send a cash gift along with the video. Their teachers can spend the money anyway they want because it goes directly in their bank account. I spend the same amount I would normally, but the teachers get the addition of a special message from a student to watch again and again, and share with colleagues. The teachers were so thrilled and said that GiftCast will be on their list of gift ideas for years to come.

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