It’s not easy to find the perfect gift for someone. Will the receiver like it? Will they return it? Is the thing you buy, the thing they want or just what you think they want? Do you need a gift receipt? “It’s the thought that counts” doesn’t really make anyone happy. This gift-giving conundrum is the reason why we created GiftCast, the first video-based mobile gifting app. We think there are more meaningful ways to celebrate someone who deserves a gift.

By shifting the focus in gift giving from things bought to feelings shared, now you can commemorate their day in an unforgettable way. In creating a video, you share your own story…a message that is personal and from the heart…it will always be perfect to the person who receives it. Meanwhile, inside of GiftCast lives a payment gateway, that lets you attach money to your video. The money you send to your friends or family members empowers their individual wishes because they can spend it wherever they want. A GiftCast is equal parts memorable and valuable.

GiftCast removes the need to purchase a greeting card or spend time shopping for that “perfect” thing that may not exist. Whether it’s for a big occasion or just a little because-I’m-thinking-of-you moment, we are confident you will agree this is a “gift changer”.

We hope you enjoy living in the present as much as we do,
Tim and Joel

Live in the Present!